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Are you looking for a new dental home nearby? Interested in learning more about sedation dentistry to combat dental-related anxiety? Ready to perfect your smile with veneers? This website is designed to answer your questions and provide you with convenient information about our dental practice. Please browse through our pages at your convenience and, if you have inquiries or questions, just ask me—I’m here to help!

We offer a full range of dental care—from oral hygiene to implants.

At one of Canada’s most innovative and advanced family dental practices, I offer a full range of dental care in your area—from simple preventive scaling and root planing and cosmetic dentistry to more comprehensive treatments such as dental implants and full-mouth reconstructions.

We take care of adults and children—we make great dental health a family affair!

Half my patients are adults and half are children, and we take pleasure in helping your entire family achieve beautiful, healthy smiles in complete comfort. If you or a family member endured uncomfortable dentistry in the past, we’re happy to help to you discover positive experiences in dental health at our office near you.

What is Dentistry Asleep ®? How can it help me?

If you’re one of the numerous patients who feel pain or anxiety during dental treatments, Dentistry Asleep ® can allow you to receive oral healthcare while being entirely relaxed and in complete comfort.

As a trained dental anaesthesiologist, I can offer you a milder alternative to traditional hospital based general anesthesia because of the amount and type of anesthesia that you receive.

Knowing your dental care will be free of anxiety and discomfort can be the first step to achieving a beautiful healthy smile. It’s also important to note that Dentistry Asleep ® is safer and easier on your system than the general anesthesia given in a hospital because of the type and amount of sedation you receive.

Many patients also opt for Dentistry Asleep ® simply because it allows more extensive procedures to be done in fewer visits, reducing the inconvenience appointments pose in their busy lives.

Do you need help deciding if you'll benefit from Dentistry Asleep ®?

If angst about dental care is significant to you, then it’s significant to us. Try this short anxiety index to help you decide whether you’d benefit from Dentistry Asleep ®. Then you can talk to me about the various sedation options I provide to numerous patients every day.

If you have more questions about me or about Dentistry Asleep ®, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to seeing you leave our practice with a beautiful, healthy, and happy smile!


Kevin Dann
BSc,DDS,BScD Anaesthesia
Specialty Certificate Dental Anaesthesia

Where World-Class Dentistry Happens

Dr. Kevin Dann and our team are excited to welcome new and existing patients nearby to our office at 1235 Bay Street #305. We are near Town Hall Square and Village of Yorkville Park, directly across from Freshii and Starbucks. Plus, our dental practice is a five-minute drive from University of Toronto - St. George Campus, making us incredibly convenient for students and faculty. If you would like additional assistance locating our office near you, give our team a call!

At Dentistry Asleep®, Dr. Kevin Dann offers dental hygiene services, routine dental care for adults and children, periodontal and endodontic therapy, cosmetic dental procedures and dental implants. Dr. Dann is one of the few Certified Specialists in Dental Anaesthesia, giving complete, comfortable care to all his valued patients. Enjoy experienced, anxiety-free dental healthcare! Make your appointment now!