Dental Crowns in Toronto

When a filling or cosmetic bonding will not suffice to repair a tooth that has been damaged by decay or injury, then Dr. Dann may recommend a dental crown. Also called dental caps, crowns are typically used to protect a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy, too. A crown can also be attached to a dental implant to create a lifelike tooth replacement. Likewise, crowns are placed on abutment teeth to anchor a replacement for a missing tooth.

Although a crown is intended to preserve a tooth and restore its function, crowns today seamlessly blend with your other teeth and are more lifelike in appearance that ever before. Most crowns are now made of either porcelain-fused-to-metal or ceramic, which can both be precisely color matched to your existing teeth for a natural appearance.

The Dental Crown Procedure at Dentistry Asleep

When you choose Dr. Dann and his team at Dentistry Asleep to place your dental crown, you can not only count on a crown that will look beautiful and function like a natural tooth, but also a procedure that is free of anxiety and all discomfort. As a Certified Specialist in Dental Anesthesia, Dr. Dann offers a range of sedation techniques from mild sedation, such as nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, to moderate sedation with IV sedation and finally complete sleep while undergoing any dental procedure. You and he will decide which form of sedation is best for you based on your level of anxiety.

Dr. Dann will prepare the tooth receiving a crown and we’ll take a molded impression to send to our dental lab. While your permanent restoration is fabricated, you’ll wear a temporary crown to protect the tooth and provide functionality. When your new crown is ready, you’ll return to our office for Dr. Dann to adhesively bond the crown into place.

To care for your new crown, brush and floss as usual, paying particular attention to the area where the crown meets the gum. Also, try to avoid using your crown to bite down on hard foods. With proper care, your crown from Dentistry Asleep can give you a lifetime of smiles.