Our Practice

We’re located in the Yorkville area of downtown Toronto. The facility is specifically designed and well equipped to provide comprehensive dentistry under dental sedation or general anesthesia. The patients under my care are equally divided between adults and children.

Full Range of Services

I offer my patients a complete range of dental services. My unique team of dental specialists, hygienists, and nurses allows us to provide a comprehensive set of dental procedures for each of my patient's individual needs. From simple, preventive procedures to restoring children's tooth decay, fillings, and more comprehensive treatments such as implants, crowns, periodontal surgeries, and endodontic treatments. I also offer choices from mild or twilight sedation to complete sleep while undergoing any procedure. These options not only provide you freedom from discomfort, they can also reduce the number of visits necessary to complete your dentistry.

A Caring Team

I have surrounded myself with a team of caring and professional support staff. The nurses and dental hygienists are certified and experienced, and they continuously upgrade their skills and education. My friendly office support staff is well versed in insurance coverage and handle any financial arrangements.

I work closely with my colleagues, Dr. Peter Copp, Dr.Jackie Altman, Dr. Daniel Lee and my colleagues from Endodontic Specialists. This unique partnership offers our patients a clear advantage: You have convenient access to a team of dental specialists. For instance, if you have a dental emergency while I'm away, you know you could be helped.

At Dentistry Asleep®,Dr. Kevin Dann offers dental hygiene services, routine dental care for adults and children, periodontal and endodontic therapy,  cosmetic dental procedures and dental implants. Dr. Dann is one of the few Certified Specialists in Dental Anaesthesia, giving complete, comfortable care to all his valued patients. Enjoy experienced, anxiety-free dental healthcare!  Make your appointment now!

Dr. Kevin Dann Dental Anaesthesia specialist in Toronto