Sedation Dentistry in Toronto

Many people are not comfortable having extensive dental treatment completed with local anaesthetic alone. In fact, surveys done in Ontario indicate that if given the choice, most people would prefer to have an alternative to ‘just freezing’ to be more comfortable during extensive dental procedures. Many patients who delay getting the necessary treatment do so because they are unaware of the option to sleep through it all!

As a recognized specialist in dental anaesthesia, I am privileged to be able to offer my patients the most modern advances in both dental anaesthesia and dental treatment with minimal discomfort and recovery time. Being asleep for dental treatment in my office is different than a hospital setting general anaesthesia; Generally, I use fewer medications at lower dosages, making it a milder alternative to traditional hospital based geneal anaesthesia. My philosophy is to give patients the least amount of medication they require while ensuring their comfort, allowing for an easier and more rapid recovery.

At Dentistry Asleep®,Dr. Kevin Dann offers dental hygiene services, routine dental care for adults and children, periodontal and endodontic therapy,  cosmetic dental procedures and dental implants. Dr. Dann is one of the few Certified Specialists in Dental Anaesthesia, giving complete, comfortable care to all his valued patients. Enjoy experienced, anxiety-free dental healthcare!  Make your appointment now!

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