Soft Drink Dangers

It would seem to make good sense to limit caffeine and sugar in your child's diet. ?One of the most common sources of potentially excessive caffeine and sugar in children is cola and sport drinks.

Soft drinks in general should be routinely avoided in children's diets because of the combination of sugar content, acidity and carbonation. This combination is particularly harmful to teeth and contributes to rapid decay and enamel erosion. A can of soft drink contains 10 teaspoons of sugar and consumption often displaces other good drinks from a healthy diet such as milk and water. Chocolate milk is a much better choice for a child to drink than any soft drink.

Dental Erosion - Dear Doctor Magazine Dental Erosion
Dissolving tooth surface enamel with your favorite cola, soda or sport drink. Learn what you can do to prevent this problem and keep your teeth for life... Read Article

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