During Your Child's Sedation Treatment

Once I'm sure your child is comfortable, we’ll settle your child into one of our treatment rooms. We usually use an inhalation 'happy air” to help your child go to sleep. Once asleep an IV is started and the sedation/anaesthesia is maintained by intravenous medications. I will use the minimum amount of medication needed to safely and effectively treat your child.

It is important one parent or guardian to be with their child during the first part of the appointment to comfort them.

While it's important for you to be very supportive, it's equally important for you to follow our lead, allowing my team and myself to direct behavior and treatment. We must also be careful not to confuse your child with too many voices. Generally, please allow me to direct things, but feel free to reinforce my suggestions and directions. Try to avoid having your natural concerns communicated to your child non-verbally with looks of concern or worry.