Toronto smile makeovers change defects for a great look

November 2, 2015

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Toronto smile makeoversEven healthy teeth need cosmetic help now and again. Toronto smile makeovers from Kevin Dann DDS at Dentistry Anaesthesia Associates refurbish worn smiles for a younger look.

Looking your best has a lot to do with how young your smile looks. Chips, cracks, stains, crowding–these defects detract from an otherwise healthy set of teeth and gums. With a wide range of cosmetic dental services available from Dr. Kevin Dann at Dentistry Anaesthesia Associates in Toronto, find out just how great your smile can look.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover changes the appearance of teeth and gums. Common aesthetic issues include:

  • staining from tobacco use, dark foods and beverages, acidic foods, root canal therapy, prescription drugs or simple aging
  • chips, hairline cracks, uneven tooth length, small gaps, minor crowding
  • multiple restorations
  • dark fillings

A highly skilled and trained Toronto cosmetic dentist such as Kevin Dann DDS evaluates his patients for oral health issues and considers their desires for aesthetic changes. He devises a complete treatment plan to address health needs and cosmetic goals.

After the Toronto cosmetic dentist addresses health issues, he and the patient  work on a  realistic aesthetic makeover. The idea is to build a look that complements the person’s facial features and can deliver a feeling of self-confidence.  Dr. Dann may present a few options for the patient to consider.

What a smile makeover involves

X-rays and photographs are often the first step in a Toronto smile makeover. The doctor and patient think about characteristics such as:

  • tooth length
  • enamel texture
  • tooth color
  • tooth width
  • amount of gum tissue showing in the “smile zone”
  • alignment (crowding, overlapping)
  • missing teeth
  • gaps
  • chips, hairline cracks, pits

Then, Dr. Dann applies appropriate cosmetic services to achieve the desired appearance. Some makeovers require one service. Other plans may employ multiple services for a truly artistic result.

Available cosmetic services

Professional teeth whitening brightens tooth enamel stained by smoking, aging, prescription drugs, and dark food and beverages. Dr. Dan supplies patients with a customized kit to take home. It contains specially fitted trays and concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel. Over a period of several days, the patient fills his trays with gel and wears them for a prescribed time. Over the course of the treatment, the gel lifts out the discolorations, leaving teeth up to 8 shades brighter.

Composite resin bonding fills imperfections such as chips and cracks for a smooth, lifelike smile. Dr. Dann uses the color-matched material to artfully blend away imperfections and then hardens the resin with a special curing light. After some final shaping, the bonding process is complete, leaving treated teeth looking natural but substantially better.

Ceramic crowns cover teeth with large fillings, decay, cracks or other significant damage to enamel. They can  restore a tooth after root canal therapy or may anchor fixed bridgework. Lifelike in color, texture and shape, porcelain crowns fill smile gaps beautifully and with good oral hygiene and professional cleanings and exams, these restorations last for years.

Porcelain veneers are customized, thin shells of fine ceramic. Designed to cover imperfections such as discoloration, fractures and unevenness, veneers are a permanent cosmetic improvement involving removal of slender slices of enamel. The Toronto cosmetic dentist takes impressions of the prepared teeth and sends instructions to a dental lab for fabrication of the laminates. He then bonds the veneers in place with a durable, color-varied cement. Veneers improve one or more teeth, add a measure of durability, and last for years with good care.

Is a smile makeover for you?

Dr. Dann and his staff at Dental Anaesthesia Associates would love to discuss your smile aesthetic goals. Contact the Toronto office for additional information on cosmetic dental services and your younger look.


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