Dental Anxiety? Your Downtown Toronto Dentist Can Help

March 4, 2016

downtown toronto dentistDental fear, phobia, anxiety — whatever you want to call it, it’s a problem. When the thought of visiting the dentist fills you with dread, you’re far less likely to keep up with routine dental care. Too many adults fall into the cycle of only visiting the dentist when they’re already experiencing pain — but by that time, conservative treatment is often impossible. Decrease oral discomfort and dental anxiety with sedation dentistry from your downtown Toronto dentist, Dr. Kevin Dann! Continue reading to learn more about this wonderful option.

Relax Your Way Through Necessary Dental Care

You’d probably never put “relax” and “dentist” in the same sentence, but the two blend beautifully with sedation dentistry. It’s a safe, effective way to relax your way through your next dentist’s appointment. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

Dentistry Asleep®

Patients suffering from severe dental anxiety or phobia can have their fears eased with Dentistry Asleep®. This intravenous sedation option is a mild form of hospital-based general anaesthesia. It puts you completely to sleep, meaning you’re fully removed from the sights, smells and sounds of what’s going on around you. It’s a wonderful way to help patients of all ages achieve the dental care they need.

Wondering if your fear is significant enough for sedation options like Dentistry Asleep®? Take our anxiety index quiz to get a better idea.

Children Benefit from Sedation, Too

It’s important for children to visit the dentist regularly from the time their first tooth erupts. But if your child experiences a real fear of the dentist, or if he needs an extensive procedure done, Dentistry Asleep® can help him receive the care he needs — without all the worry and dread.

To put your child under sedation, we may first use a bit of “happy air” to help him fall asleep. Once he’s completely relaxed, we’ll begin the IV and closely monitor him to make sure he’s as safe as can be throughout the entire procedure.

Other Options in Sedation Dentistry

Of course, your dental anxiety may not be so severe that you need to be completely asleep to undergo your next dental procedure. Dr. Dann also offers other, milder forms of sedation, like nitrous oxide (commonly known as laughing gas). Inquire about all our options in sedation dentistry at your next dental appointment!

Ready to Relax? Call Us Today

You can overcome your dental fear and anxiety with sedation dentistry. Contact the office of Dr. Dann to schedule your appointment at Dentistry Asleep® today!

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