Gum Disease Can Ruin a Lot More Than Just Your Day

August 17, 2015

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Take care of gum disease with our fantastic practices.There are a lot of people that live in this country. We’re all spread from sea to shining sea. If we told you that roughly three out of four Americans have some form of gum disease, would you believe us? It’s a pretty crazy number, but unfortunately, is very much correct. That’s a lot of people. Too many if you ask us. Gum disease can pop up at any time and in many different sizes and shapes. Receiving treatment for gum disease is vital for not only your oral health, but your entire well-being. Untreated bacteria can manifest into something much more problematic, like an infection. If you’re mouth becomes infected, then we really have a problem on our hands. Knowing what to keep an eye out for and how to properly treat it is what we want to educate you on.

Having gum disease isn’t an end-of-the-road ordeal – it can be treated. We want all of our Toronto, ON area patients to know that they have a friend in us whenever gum disease or any other dental problem arises. Dr. Kevin Dann and his staff of dental pros want your overall health in great shape. Keep a close eye on your mouth.