Oral Hygiene at Every Age

September 27, 2017

Pregnant Woman Brushing TeethYou have probably made a lot of changes throughout your life. You don’t wear the same styles you did as a child. You don’t like the same books or have the same hobbies. At every age, we embrace our changing selves, but many people don’t know their oral hygiene routines should change too. Keep reading to find out more about how to keep your smile healthy at every age and stage of dental development.

Wisdom Teeth: Remove or Not to Remove

September 15, 2017

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highlighted wisdom toothHaving wisdom teeth extracted is practically a right of passage. The fact of the matter is, however, most people are not bothered by their wisdom teeth—at least not until after the surgery to remove wisdom teeth. Then, there may be stitches, swelling, a sore jaw, and a week or more on a diet of soft foods.

Now, however, dentists and other oral health professionals are beginning to question whether this procedure is absolutely necessary. There is evidence to suggest that for some, the risk outweighs the possible benefits. Read on to learn more.


Know What to Look for in a Kids’ Dentist in Toronto

September 16, 2016

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Dentist in Toronto offers great pediatric care.It’s time for your little one’s first dental visit. Who should you trust with care of their teeth and gums? Dr. Kevin Dann of Dentistry Asleep takes particular interest in kids’ oral health, helping families achieve bright smiles that last a lifetime.


Dr. Dann is Your Downtown Toronto Family Dentist

May 5, 2016

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downtown toronto family dentistIf you’re in need of a great family dentist in downtown Toronto, Dr. Kevin Dann is the dentist for you. Dr. Dann treats patients of all ages by providing the highest level of care using the latest innovations in dentistry. He combines his knowledge in dentistry and his passion for his patients with unmatched comfort. With a belief that dental care should be enjoyable for each and every patient, he works to make dental care comfortable, even for those with dental fears. As a certified specialist in dental anesthesia, Dr. Dann can help patients of all ages relax and enjoy the dentist with sedation dentistry. If you’re looking for a different type of dental experience, choose Dr. Dann for your caring downtown Toronto family dentist.

Family Dentist Dr. Kevin Dann Provides Quality Dental Care for All Ages in Toronto, ON

May 18, 2015

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The nuclear family is not so nuclear anymore. Today, the family unit might include parents, kids, grandparents, an elderly aunt you’re looking after and maybe even a close neighbor who feels like family. No matter who is in your family, know that Dr. Kevin Dann at Dentistry Asleep in Toronto, ON, is the family dentist who can care for everyone’s dental needs. (more…)